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What is the difference between BILLSOFT ERP and SADMIN Online?

SADMIN Online is small online system which controls mikrotik router for IP traffic. It can stop customers by IP, can set proper Rate Limit, and can monitor your users. It's very suitable for a small internet service provider or a company which wants to control internal traffic.

Billsoft ERP if full futured system designed to work in companies providing montly services like Internet, IPTV, Cable TV, Security and others. It's database keep track of your customer contact details, Internet Traffic control, IPTV Control, keeps track of payments, can print receipts, invoices, contracts and many more.

What is the installation time ?

Both systems are online, so there is no installation, and we just need to make you accounts. Thou integration for SADMIN can take up to 1 hour, and integration of BILLSOFT ERP can take 1 day or more, depends on your system design.

Can I download demo versions of your products ?

Our products are subscription type WEB APPs. This means there is no actuall installation on your computer, and you just use your WEB browser to work with the systems. We offer DEMO WEB GUI, so you can check details and ask questions if needed.

username: operator

password: test2021

username: 4124250046

password: 123124

What operating system and program languages are used in your APPs ?

All our products are WEB Based systems runnign on Linux ( CentOS Linux 7/ Alma Linux 9/ Rocky Linux 9), and technology we use is called LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Routers on customer side can be various type like Mikroti, Linux, Cisco, Huawei and many others.

Is your products compatible with Mikrotik Routers and Switches ?

YES Both our systems are very well integrated with Mikrotik API and can utilize various tasks needed for operations.

Usefull Software Links

TeamViewer-отдалечено управление на компютри.

AnyDesk-отдалечено управление.

Kitty-SSH/Telnet клиент за Windows(безплатен)

ErpNet.fp-актуална версия


CentOs 7 Linux-Инструкция за инсталация.